Kişisel İnternet Sayfası

What does the European Union tell the East?

On European Union and a union in the east...

Why do people live together? This question has been pondered upon for a long time. It does crystallize to several answers, however it is possible to underline just two key words for an answer: security and the need for peace. While human’s needs of materialistic things were not clearly proven, there is strong evidence of the society’s need of security and peace even in prehistoric times. To establish a lasting security, it would only be natural for mankind to create a sense of “togetherness.”

The international system, with the realism discourse, defines an alliance as the unification of homogeneous actors who come together with security concerns. The alliance is an agreement by states to support each other with layers of dimensions in the event of an attack against any member state, or to advance their mutual economical, political, and military interests. An alliance may contribute to a sense of security and provide a deterrent to aggressions, and it may also consolidate possible collaborations among its members.

An alliance is a kind of power-balancing method in the political system, a way of facilitating economic flow and enabling its actors to consolidate their identities. An alliance is also a declaration of the league and the status of its members.

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