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Wolfgang Rudzio defines Germany’s foreign policy as a notion that focuses on trading and integration rather than on power politics. For Germany, the world’s fourth largest economy with a population of 82 million, economy is one of the most important factors of its foreign policy. Approximately one third of Germany’s gross national product is made of export items. The high export volume of the country causes a high level of international trade dependency, and this economic dependency has made an influence on German’s foreign policy, which is for it to act in cooperation with its foreign allies.

Why is Turkey-Germany Economic Relations Essential?

The economy is one of the most important factors that create a positive dependency in inter-state relations. Germany is the world’s third largest exporter after China and the US, with about $ 1.3 trillion worth of export annually. Germany’s top exports include cars ($158B), vehicle parts ($64.1B), packaged medicaments ($50.6B), planes, helicopters, and/or spacecraft ($27.2B) etc. Germany exports all of these products, in particular to the United States ($111B), France ($103B), China ($95B), the United Kingdom ($90.3B) and the Netherlands ($84.5B).[1]  This phenomenon shows us that Germany is an economic giant when considering its population scale.

Turkey is also a regional strategic actor in the Middle East and North Africa region. She has a deep-rooted state tradition inherited from the Ottoman Empire period.  This historical depth has an advantage for Turkey in terms of international relations. As for Turkey-Germany relations, both countries have a history that binds them closer to each other. Both Turkey and Germany are in collaboration in the political and economic dimensions, they have military alliances since pre-World War I and economic cooperation such as the establishment of the Anatolia and Baghdad railway projects in Ottoman era. In addition, the migration of Turkish workers to Germany in the 1960s led to the revival of mutual social relations. These events have painted a positive image on Turkey and created the first economic foundations on Turkey-Germany relations.

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